Is any art photography simply rubbish?

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Re: Is any art photography simply rubish?

Tom Axford wrote:

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Doug Haag wrote:

My wife (now retired) was a formally trained visitor guide (docent) at one of Americas better fine art museums. Displayed in our home is a poster containing a quote by a famous artist that seemingly everyone in the "art community" is aware of. I was not. It is by Andy Worhol -- the guy who did famous paintings of, for example, soup cans.

If you Google the quote, you'll find many references to this statement by him and dozens of poster-like images such as the one below.

Perhaps this truly says it all in just eight words.

Yes - but remember that saying outrageous stuff for attention was kinda his schtick - Warhol had a 4 year degree in art from Carnegie Melon.

It may still be true!

Indeed. But the added context is worth considering.

If you make your living as a "enfant terrible" then you're word's shouldn't always be treated as a sage - especially if they are belied by your conduct.

In many ways Warhol was the Milo Yiannopoulos of the 1960's art world.

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