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Ashaz wrote:


Thanks for that.

I wonder how the Sony a7R IV compares with that in reality?

The DP review suggests that the A7R IV is worse at higher values but this page seems to suggest it's only at VERY high ISOs that would be a rarity.

Sony a7R IV review: Digital Photography Review (dpreview.com)

At ISO 12800 upwards the A7 iii looks way better than the A9

I have no own experience with the A7RIV. But from what I have read and seen in measurements it seems that even scaled down to the same image size, the A7RIV is a little noisier than other Sony bodys at higher ISOs.

Look at DXOmark.com for comparisons on noise.
They also test DR and amount of color a sensor can produce.
No, they are not perfect in their test setup, but they are the best I know of for comparing these things in a normalized way.

For DR comparisions we also have another source that is very good to use and that is PhotonsToPhotos.net (there is also a lot more good info on that site).

I have shot a lot with the A7RII, A7III and A9. I seldom shot high ISO in daytime but in dawn shots outdoors, and indoors low light club events I've shot them all extensively at high ISOs. In these conditions I regularly go from 800 ISO to 25600 ISO.  When scaled to the same image size, I can't see any real difference between them.

As I said before, the trick is to shot RAW and do a proper edit with noise reduction.

And there is a one more trick one can do with most Sony sensors, those that are ISO-invariant, and that is to underexpose and lift in post instead. It will not affect the noise, but it will protect the highlights.

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