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Ashaz wrote:

lattesweden wrote:

Stan in NH wrote:

Looks very pixelated. This does not look like just noise, which can be easily dealt with in post.

It looks like noise but grainier than I would expect. The image shown here as the full one is 1,947 × 3,585 (7 MP) so it might be cropped. Can the OP maybe clarify that for us?

Shutter speed 1/10000 looks a little unnecessary high to freeze that motion.

1/5000 would have given ISO 2000
1/2500 would have given ISO 1000
1/1250 would have given ISO 500
1/625 would have given ISO 250

Also if the OP can give us the RAW file, it would be easier to see if this is normal noise or not.

Yes, cropped and then, of course, cropped again.

I only save as JPGs and wouldn't have a clue what to do with Lightroom.

I know some settings were over the top but I was deliberately out to test the ISO noise.

Which in camera JPEG settings do you use? Which JPEG quality?

Next question, when you crop on your computer, which program do you use for that and what JPEG quality setting do you use there?

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