Article on Fstoppers--DSLR owner shooting with a Z7 for the first time

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Re: Allow me to retort

Son Of Waldo wrote:

toomanycanons wrote:

Phil Flash wrote:

I fail to see how anyone who has serious experience shooting a Nikon DSLR body would have any trouble in the mirrorless Z series. They are the same camera, without a mirror. It's not difficult to figure out.

Well, totally different button layout in back for one. Dealing with an EVF vs OVF for another.

Exactly. With some of the buttons likely never to return. Don't know about you, but menu diving or fiddle farting around with a smartphone all day aren't my favorite pastimes.

They are NOT the same camera, without a mirror. Completely different experience shooting with either.

They will never be the same camera. One requires a constant sensor read for a viewfinder, the other does not. Nor will any electronic view finder ever have the exact response time/characteristics as one with a direct optical path.

Not expecting a 'superior' Z 70-180 Micro to be showing up anytime soon, either.

It astounds me that when Nikon was planning the button layout in back, they decided to just go away from what works on their DSLRs and move most of the buttons to the right.  I know people here hate it when i mention my D7500 but:  same 3.2" LCD, width of the body within a tenth of an inch, familiar button layout.

I never use the touchscreen on my D7500 or D850 and probably won't on the Z5.  Call me Old Skool but I'd like to have my left thumb sharing the button pushing load.

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