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Re: gray cards and incident readings

Overrank wrote:

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Overrank wrote:


That is one reason I find the digital infatuation with ETTR rather strange, because (to my way of thinking), I don’t care about noise in the shadows because I don’t want to see them anyway.

ETTR with digital (done correctly) give you the best possible data for post processing and not only in the shadows. If you're not post processing then ETTR is pointless and will in many cases give unusable images (until you post process).

Yes, one of the reasons I use film is because I dislike post processing, so the idea of something where I have to post process before I can even see a usable image is an anathema.

I can understand that you want to avoid post processing, but to me digital requires less post processing. With film I have to develop and enlarge if I want a complete analog process or develop and scan if I want an analog/digital process.

I can of course avoid most of it by ordering development and prints or scans from a store, but then I have to settle for whatever the store/lab do.

Just curious - do you not develop or scan at all?

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