The M42 adapter used on Nikon F can make a huge difference

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Trap/catch in-focus

Albert Silver wrote:

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Going mirrorless is the best idea for using adapted lenses. Getting inexpensive adapters shouldn’t be an issue going forward, except for little used mounts, like Topcor. Nailing focus with an old manual focus lens on a DSLR requires live view to be most accurate. At which point a mirrorless body might well have focusing aids that are better than on that DSLR.

In spite of using glasses, I don't find it that hard, plus if it becomes an issue you can cheat. I.e. Get with range of the focusing, then while deliberately underfocusing and then shooting past it, fire away so that at least one of them is bound to be the 'right' one. It is easier with a shallow DOF as you can see quite clearly what is in focus or not.

The best cheat is called trap/catch in-focus.

It's a  mode on some cameras, classically intended for wedding photography to capture the bride walking down the aisle, in which you manually focus at a spot and the camera delays firing the shutter until something becomes in focus there. To use this for manual focus, you simply set this mode, press the shutter, and turn the focus until the camera detects something in-focus and fires.

Pentax has had the most obvious implementations of this as a clearly-labeled mode, but setting focus priority, etc., can implement this on various cameras.

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