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Re: gray cards and incident readings

Autonerd wrote:

brandon77 wrote:

From watching videos and the majority of the comments, Getting a reading off the subject with a handheld meter, and likely in the shadow area seems the best way to do it.

Wellll, with an incident meter, "metering for the shadows" doesn't matter.

What do you mean by this?

The concept of ‘metering for the shadows’ (ie. to preserve shadow detail and take advantage of colour neg’s highlight latitude) is equally relevant for incident and reflective meters.

I use an incident meter for probably 90% of my work, and almost always use it to meter for the shadows (if the shadows are relevant for the composition).

Im not sure if I’ve missed your point?

The incident meter isn't "looking" at your subject -- it's "looking" away from your subject, at the light hitting your subject. That's why it is more precise.

I’m going to try that anyway ignoring the metering my camera, I haven’t had a lot of luck with that

How are you metering? The photo you showed us isn't a very tricky situation for a meter, and while the K1000's isn't the most sophisticated, it's good enough. I still think this is more about the lab scans than the camera metering.


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