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Re: Owl's about that then?

mingram1969 wrote:


You may be able to give me some advice Phil - I was playing with the pair shot and denoise AI yesterday, but no matter how i played around with the settings, I just couldn't get an image I was happy with - particularly due to noise remaining or weird artifacts appearing in the bokeh of the image - in the end I just decided to live with the noise!

Sometimes I think it can also give an almost too 'smoothed' look.

Thanks for trying it for me and for your comments though

Hi minigram1969,

No problem - my pleasure.

I had the advantage of applying NR to your jpg, which was already cleaned-up somewhat.

(I used the DeNoise AI model with Remove Noise 5, Enhance Sharpness 35).

One thing I've sometimes found useful is passing an image through DeNoise AI twice - the first time using a light touch to give a pleasing result on the main subject, the second time masking out the main subject and giving the noisy part of the image more substantial NR.

In addition, applying a Brush adjustment - or maybe two - back in LR on any of the artefact affected background areas, with Sharpness set to -40 and Noise 20, can aid problem areas.

However, you're right, sometimes you can over-smooth things so much they lose character.


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