Canon rumored R7. I'm calling it...

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Re: Canon rumored R7. I'm calling it...

I’m the Rebel kit man mentioned before. Yes i use my iPhone a lot more these day’s, because it’s lightweight and can excel my old Rebel in some situations, but my efs 55-250 is glued to the rebel for lightweight 88-400mm f8 ff equivalent reach and i use it a lot! I don’t like M line. I like R 5/6 for the wildlife eye AF and great fast growing compact lens line-up. 600/800 f11 doesn’t zoom though. Two of my also aps-c using friends only use their phone nowadays, so i can relate to what is mentioned before, the pool is thinning. I tried 7Dii but it weighs 900gr or so. I really would love to see a ‘Canon rf x-t4’ (as the long expected R7 mentioned by Tony) and would buy it instantly because i love canon colours (yes i know one can tweak raw files) and i love canon grip, menu lay-out, ect. I love canon. I love Close-up and wildlife, that’s why i’m desperately waiting for aps-c R7. While it’s taking so long I rented X-T4 with ridiculous heavy Fuji 100-400, after 900 photo’s i hated the grip of the x-T4 but i really liked the photo’s it produced. But my rebel with 55-250 (400 ff eq) with nice flexible raw files can too. I rented Sony A6000 and got lost in the menu system and hated the viewfinder. I tried an a7iii with even more ridiculous heavy 200-600, can’t lift that long during hiking. I just have to wait or switch to Fuji X-S10 which seems more like a Rebel, have to try out that one. Why are you keeping me waiting that long canon? I need lightweight pixels on target in zoom format. I don’t want to work with large very expensive R5 raw files and crop them heavily down, I would need a new computer for that.

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