Water spots on negatives

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Water spots on negatives

First, I did Google this, but I see some experienced people here and I'd love your advice. There is a lot of conflicting info out there.

I just developed my first two color rolls ever, in separate sessions. I have a lot of experience developing B&W from many years ago. My issue is water spots. I used to use a squeegee , but I see that many people say they scratch the negatives, so I avoided it this time. I mixed all my chemicals with distilled water, but washed with tap, so the last step was stabilizer made with distilled water.

I used the Unicolor C-41 kit and my negatives looked great, aside from having a lot of water drops on the non-emulsion side when the negatives dried. I was able to clean them off with some 99% alcohol, but I would like to avoid them in the future.

I just did a second roll tonight and rinsed with distilled water at the end. I was trying to "squeegee" some of the liquid off with cotton gloves and I dropped the negatives onto a dirty floor. I immediately reloaded them onto a spool and put them in with distilled water and Ilfotol wetting agent and they look to be drying much better than the first roll now.

I guess my question is wether people recommend using a rinse after the stabilizer on color film. I thought the stabilizer was like a wetting agent, but it left spots with a very definite white outline, even with distilled water. My second roll, that I cleaned with distilled water and a wetting agent look much better so far, but I see some people saying that will mean the film is suscecpible to fungus and aging. Do any of you use a final rinse with something like Photoflo on color film?

Thanks again for your help.


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