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Re: gray cards and incident readings

brandon77 wrote:

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DenWil wrote:

These were all shot with the same B&W film, same chemistry, metered for the light hitting the subject , not for the subject.

Nice shots, especially the black-and-whites.

If your camera has a functional accurate meter in it it can be the best option because the optics/ focal length and filter will always be factored in to your reading.

Frame and focus - then hold a grey card in front of the lens filling the frame , in a straight line with your content, in the same light as your content. Your meter tells you what aperture goes with the chosen shutter speed

This method works very well, of course, especially for pictures of people. Just for the OP's information, this method -- using the camera's meter to measure a gray card at the subject position -- is equivalent to taking an incident reading at subject position with a handheld meter. They will give the same exposure (or should, if both meters are working correctly).

As DenWil pointed out, if you use the camera, it will compensate for any filters or bellows extension (not likely a factor with your K1000) that you're using. A handheld incident reading will not automatically compensate for those things, so you'd have to do that in your head.

From watching videos and the majority of the comments, Getting a reading off the subject with a handheld meter, and likely in the shadow area seems the best way to do it.

I’m going to try that anyway ignoring the metering my camera, I haven’t had a lot of luck with that

If you can go to the subject then use an incident meter - that is the best option.  If you’re buying a meter then make sure it can do incident readings

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