Where is the Panasonic GX10 ?

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Re: Where is the Panasonic GX10 ?

Noticed best buy (which many people shop at) isn't carrying as much m43.  Why carry products that aren't updated and thus sell slowly?

I'd love to buy a gx10 now, as hummingbirds are finally arriving to new York state.  Gx9 sell for as much as they did years ago...so it's hard to buy one.

I wonder if HDR sensors will be available in larger than cell phone sizes.  It works great in my mavic 2 air drone.

Best way to think of it is that they split each pixel into 4, and expose them differently in order to have exposure bracketing in one shot...no ghosting...and therefore you can shoot hdr video too.

Of course each subpixel is smaller, but they are much better exposed...and because noise is mostly seen in dark areas, which would be exposed much more than with a normal sensor, the smaller subpixels don't hurt IQ.

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