Do you have a favorite subject distance?

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Re: Do you have a favorite subject distance?

stevet1 wrote:

How far away from whatever you are taking a picture of, do you feel most comfortable?

Does the answer to that question factor in to determining what lens you normally turn to?

The issue comes up for me most frequently when photographing people.  Putting aside issues of facial distortion from a wide angle, I am definitely more comfortable with a bit of distance.  Years ago, I liked to take street pictures with my iPhone 4, which had about a 35mm equivalent focal length. I was in my happy zone, and produced a lot of nice street portraits.  A couple of years later I got the iPhone 5, with at 28mm equivalent focal length, and everything fell apart. Nothing worked. Ever. Getting close enough to take a decent picture made me feel like I was invading their personal space.

So, yeah, if I am thinking about taking pictures of people, I rarely go wider than 35mm.  On the other hand, if I am too far away I lose the personal connection.  6-12 feet of distance, maybe a bit more,  is probably my comfort zone. I don't know exactly, I have never measured.

For anything other than people (landscapes, architecture, etc),  there's no particular distance at which I feel more or less comfortable.

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