Testing lenses... again.

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Re: Testing lenses... again.

fredlord wrote:

Remember, I'm not a scientist or optical engineer. If I were, I'd still be working on this comparison.

I was able to do a setup on our patio to shoot with the following:

Canon R5

RF 100-500 with both the RF 1.4X and RF 2X extenders

RF 800 with both extenders

EF 500 II with both the EF 1.4X III and EF 2X III extenders.


The sharpest was, as always, the EF 500 II lens with or without extenders.

The second sharpest was the RF 800 with or without extenders.

The RF 100-500 was last but it did throw one curve ball. It seems to be sharper with the RF 2X extender vs. the RF 1.4X extender. I will be comparing further with these two combinations.

Thanks for testing.
You just confirmed my findings that the RF 800 is optically fantastic and a real bargain.I was skeptical when I ordered it but blown away soon after that...

Also, the RF800' AF speed is much faster than I expected.

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