Do you have a favorite subject distance?

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Phil A Martin
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Re: Do you have a favorite subject distance?

stratman1976 wrote:

Phil A Martin wrote:

stevet1 wrote:

How far away from whatever you are taking a picture of, do you feel most comfortable?

Does the answer to that question factor in to determining what lens you normally turn to?

Steve Thomas

Ok, my first comment might have been rather flippant but still, it has never occurred to me to think about my photography in such a mechanistic manner and I am therefore unable to give you an answer. I'm also not sure what you hope to gain by asking such a question? Photography is about image making and not numbers.

Only for portraiture. I don't feel comfortable being too far away because it ruins the contact I have with the subject. Also not too close 'cause that can feel intimidating. Usually I go between 35 and 85, depending on the size of the group or the framing

Yes and that is why lenses in the 85-105mm range on full frame, are known as portrait lenses. Long enough to fill the frame without distortion and at a distance that is short enough to maintain easy conversation without shouting.

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