Testing lenses... again.

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Re: Testing lenses... again.

Nimonus wrote:

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Johnbro wrote:

Don't know about the other two, but my 2 weeks with an RF800 has really surprised me in just how sharp it is, even handheld. Especially given the low cost of this lens, it's quite a value.

The RF 800 is an incredible bargain.

I used it for four months solid. It's only real negatives, for me, are the small focusing area in the viewfinder and the near 20-feet of the minimum focusing distance.

With 20ft minimum focus distance and reduced central focus area, plus fixed focal length and fixed aperture, the usage is strictly limited. RF800, although cheap and sharp, is still hard to recommend to anyone as a telephoto prime. It is a very niche product for special cases.

Not at all.

Highly recommend to everyone.

Not everybody wants to take photos in his house with an 800mm lens.

If someone just gets into photography and wants to build a system from ground up. Would you recommend RF800 as the first second or third lens? IMO, not even the first 5 lenses. So for people own 6lenses or more, RF800 is an option if they want to try out 800mm. There are plenty of people own 6 different 35mm prime lenses and not have a 800mm. UWA zoom, compact wide prime, standard zoom, 35mm prime, 50mm prime, 85-135mm prime, 70-200 zoom, 100-400 zoom, a macro, a tilt shift are all much more useful than 800mm. That's why I say it is very niche.

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