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Re: Pentax Spotamatic F

Phil A Martin wrote:

KentG wrote:

One point, the lens you are showing is the second version of the Tamron 28-200/3.5-5.6 AF super zoom. Its not an Adaptall-2 lens as those are manual focus lenses with interchangeable mounts.

Good point. As for me, I can't really see the point of using a vintage camera, if you are then going to use modern lenses on it. Surely the whole point of using vintage cameras, is using the vintage lenses that were designed for them?

Kent Gittings

Absolutely … but, in this particular case, one could possibly argue that this specific Tamron Adaptall-2 lens was maybe the last lens to be designed for the M42 system

I decided to give up using "vintage" cameras when photographic chemicals and paper were no longer available locally and I had to order them by mail. I kept most of the lenses though, the M42 lenses being used on my Pentax's with the appropriate adaptor, when the mood takes me, and my old Russian r/f lenses get an airing on a s/h mirrorless with an electronic viewfinder.

Each to their own

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