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Marco Nero
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Re: EOS R6 - Cats, Bats, Beach + Moon

PMUK wrote:

Marco Nero wrote:

Canon EOS R6 - Baby Grey-Headed Flying Fox (Fruit Bat)

Canon EOS R6 - Supermoon rising over smoke from the back-burning last week.

Hi Marco,

Terrific set of images. A very tough call, but we can't get past these two stunners. Nice.


Thanks Phil.  I like the bats but this is as close as I've been able to get to them since they like to roost in the taller trees.  You can't really risk standing directly under the trees either because they will defalcate whenever frightened and urinate at will... something I don't wish to deal with, especially if I'm getting into my car later.  But I have found one little mound in the grass that offers me a slightly closer perspective to the ones sitting in a slightly shorter tree.  I find myself revisiting that spot to test different lens combinations.  There's 2.3 million bats in that colony and they are one of the largest species of bat here.  I've never seen the smaller insect-eating variety (which are incredibly tiny) but I can hear them chirp when they chase insects around my camera lighting at night when doing astrophotography.

Same colony (standing in the same location) of bats being disturbed by a loud noise. Taken with my iPhone 6S while waiting for the bats to settle again.

From the set taken the other day with the EOS R6. I'd a wider shot but these critters are "anatomically correct" and some of their body parts look eerily human-like.

The Moon Rise was creepy and stunning to see in real-time... you can see my perspective from this shot here which was taken as myself and another chap with a telescope attempted to capture the scene with our gear.  Not surprisingly a lot of folks elsewhere assumed it's a digital fake made from images sourced on the internet.   But you can see below how I set up and what the light was like at the time.  That layer of bushfire smoke from the hazard-reduction burn can be seen below.

Another chap setting up for the moonrise (My R6 camera is on the right)

View through the EVF on the back of my R6

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