Expose for shadows/highlights

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Re: Expose for shadows/highlights

If you want to see what incident metering will give you then you can get a expodisc, or one of the very cheap equivalents, and use your normal camera meter. See https://jimdoty.com/learn/exp101/exp_expodisc/exp_expodisc.html for an explanation.

But if you have any doubt about the accuracy of the meter in your camera then you might be better off getting a cheap handheld meter. You are probably better getting a recent digital meter than an old analogue one.   Sekonic L-308 are often recommended but they are very expensive, even secondhand. You could look at a second hand Gossen Sixtomat ( https://gossen-photo.de/en/sixtomat-f2/ but not necessarily the F2) which cost somewhere around £50 and will do reflected and incident readings.

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