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So wait, I've chosen the wrong photo then? Everyone here prefers warmer and I took that to mean my middle photo labelled 5333. But since I've misunderstood that warmer is below 5000, then they must have meant the first photo? Although I must say, I think my middle image looks closer to Joachim's edit than my first one.

The middle one is definitively more yellow, could it be that you've switched the color temperatures by accident while posting this?

Well the middle one is 5333 and the first one is more bluey at 4550, the rest of the LR settings are identical for each version. I'm a bit confused though. I pushed the slider to the right from 4550 to 5333 and it made it more yellow. To my mind, the 4550 is so blue I'd have said it's cooler, and the 5333 is warmer. So I'm not understanding how under 5000 is regarded as warmer?

Thanks for the advice on the split toning desaturation, I'll do that too. I must admit I've hardly ever used split tone so this will be a good time to get more familiar with it.

Weird... but hey, just another reason to practice your eyeballing!

The tint slider already is an absolute value, so if yours is at +10, you should pull it to -30 to get the result I got. No need for math.

What split toning and color grading for that matter do, is add a certain color to the darker or lighter parts of the image. Especially nice in B/W photography, to get a picture from pure greyscale to a more lifelike tinted version to emulate film.

The color grading tool is much more advanced, but split toning will do just fine here. The more saturated the color you choose, the more the grading will stand out in your picture. Here I just used it subtly to warm up the shadows just a bit, and cool down the highlights. Play with it a bit.

Ok, I put it all your settings exactly as your screenshots. I left the split toning because I don't really know how to use it yet. After all your settings were in, it gave me a base that looked similar to yours, however, mine didn't achieve any of the same brightness, yellowiness of yours, or saturation of the red and blues under the jetty on the left. So I messed around with more settings. I brought the white back up from -100, increased the temperature considerably, increased the exposure, played with increasing saturation, hue and luminance and a few other things. I think I got kind of close, though the middle of the sky is not quite as bright. but I've introduced noise into the sky, probably not visible in this screenshot. Obviously I've not done it particularly correctly and have gone around the houses and back trying to emulate yours, lol.

Hey, trying is OK! It has got quite a bit more 'pop' now already.

Did you also dail in the vignette and sharpness/denoise settings? They do have an efect on the contrast and colors.

If you look at the histogram, there are white triangles showing. That means that the blacks as well as the whites are 'clipping'. try pulling the black slider right and the white slider left untill those triangles turn black again. The blackpoint clipping is less disturbing, because you would expect pure black in a night scene. pure white not so much, if you can help it.

It can also be that the baseline editing on your raw file produced a JPG that react differently to edits than the raw itself. If you could send me that (google drive link in a PM, for example), I could have a go with it.

Hey Joachim, good point about the histogram, it's something I never seem to pay attention to and I will from now on to avoid clipping.  Yeah, I dialled in the vignette, sharpnss and  noise reduction, same numbers as yours. I don't know how to send a raw file but don't worry man, I appreciate the offer though. 

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