EOS R5 + Ninja V + Clog 3; Which color space/matrix?

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EOS R5 + Ninja V + Clog 3; Which color space/matrix?

I jumped into the LOG hype some time ago, with the 5D Mark IV, the EOS R and now with the EOS R5, but I have found some caveats while using the Atomos Ninja V.

This first one has to do with legal/video/partial range vs. full/non-legal range, this is fixed by avoiding Adobe Premiere and using Davinci Resolve instead, and then, choosing "Full" on the "Data levels" within the "Clip Attributes". I avoid "legalizing" the video in the Atomos because it reduces the range of the video. So this is a resolved isue.

Now, the "Color space" and "Color Matrix": The EOS R5 has some options within the C-log menu, the "Color space" which shows only "BT.709" if the "Color Matrix" is set to "Cinema EOS Original", the "BT.2020" while using "C-log" combined with the "Neutral" Color Matrix, and the "Cinema Gamut" option which becomes available while using "C-Log 3".

The quiestion is, Which one should I use with the Atomos Ninja V?

Resolve has some options to automaticaly transform color space and gamut from LOG footage while using their own color science, the "DaVinci Wide Gamut", the only three Canon "Input color space" options available are "Canon Cinema Gamut/Canon Log", "Canon Cinema Gamut/Canon Log 2" and ""Canon Cinema Gamut/Canon Log 3", so I suppose the right combination would be the last option, considering that the EOS R5 only has C-log 3, but for some weird reason, the internal footage vs. the external footage doesn't match at all, the external footage looks more yellow. If I choose BT.2020 with C-Log 3, the result from internal vs. external is the same, always enabling the "full data levels" in Resolve. But I'm not sure if this is the right way.

I recall reading somehere on the web that BT/Rec.2020 is designed for HDMI recording and "Cinema Gamut" is for internal recording, so, after all this...

...which color space and color matrix should I use in the EOS R5 in order to record with the Atomos Ninja V?

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Canon EOS R5
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