The M42 adapter used on Nikon F can make a huge difference

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Re: The M42 adapter used on Nikon F can make a huge difference

It's interesting noting the mount adapters you show in an image. I have both. One is on a Helios 44-2, the other (silvery looking plating) is on a helicoid and tubes I use with a Meyer Optik 80mm Diaplan . My personal feeling from use is that the silvery plated one is better.
Why ? Because the mechanical fit is somehow better ,and it engages better on my F mount- regardless of the manufacturing tolerances, it performs and connects better.
Although it is true " any adapter that is built to the standard does not affect image quality" I have noted that the non-standard tolerances can be of benefit when adapting to some lens /register distance combinations.. There are many commercial lenses in which the maximum focus distance is not infinity ,and the stop will go past infinity. Common knowledge I thought.
The register distances listed ( thanks !) are correct in as much as the M43 and Nikon F ; I don't know about the rest because I don't use them. The problem with Nikon F and adapters is accurate flange distance ,chiefly being that while the electrical contacts mate up well, the fitment of the (black image) Photodiox -K&F adapter bayonet doesn't always lock onto the Nikon body recess well. The silvery looking adapter does. The other problem that stems from M43 adapting to Nikon F is getting infinity focus ; my Helios has the element set moved 1mm in the blocks with a tiny bit of thickness milling on the adapter flange resulting in the 46.5 register distance. It works fine - good, because those adapters with a lens built in aren't very good..
That's the maximum without mirror strike issues, and likely why an adapter that fits inside the bayonet isn't feasible.
Nikon F DSLR is not a good mount for adapting for these reasons.Sadly I see no way to adapt a Pentax or Minolta to Nikon F without some focus issues. I like the Nikon brand but would choose a different brand ( Fuji or Sony perhaps) with a shorter register so adapter electability wasn't problematic over a wide brand of lenses.

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