My Quick Review of Fuji X-E4 kit

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Tom Schum
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My Quick Review of Fuji X-E4 kit

The X-E4 camera is a nice size, only very slightly larger than my X30 (not talking about the X-T30 here). Weight is quite nice and light. Build does not seem flimsy to me.
The power off-on switch design is the best I've seen so far. It's small, not too tight, not easily turned on while putting the camera into your camera bag.
The joystick easily replaces the four "selector" buttons seen on older cameras. It is easy to navigate menus using it, and press it in to make settings. There is also an OK button, so there are two ways to make menu setting. Joystick haptics are very good.
Some have complained about the "mushy" feel of the three rear buttons, and I agree. A more definite haptic click would be nice. The buttons on the top cover are much better in my opinion.
The body is really a bar-of-soap design, maybe a little bit slippery but I'm using a neck strap so it is ok. I think the Fuji thumb rest (when it becomes available) will be very helpful. I've ordered a Peak Design wrist strap. Blank areas on front and rear near the right side give me lots of room to grip. I like this.
The EV compensation knob is smaller, so it is less easily turned by mistake. I like it.
The front command dial is easily turned without using enough pressure to press it in. This is much better than the one on my X-T3.
I like the strap loops. They are slots really, not requiring a split ring to mate to the strap. I'm using Peak Design components and they fit just fine.
The battery/SD card cover is quite like others on X-E1 etc. Nothing to complain about unless you prefer the deluxe battery cover on the X-T3.
The EVF works fine for me. Your results may vary. I had a similar one on my X-T100, and this one might even be a little bit better. I have mine set up to use the EVF on eye-detect, and not to use the LCD at all. This still uses the LCD for reviewing images though. I'm a glasses wearer, and I do find it a little bit hard to see ALL of the viewfinder image, but moving my eye around just a little is enough to see all the corners. I just can't see all the corners at once. This is normal for the 17mm eye relief spec. I have the same thing in my X30, and my X-T100 was also the same.
The rear LCD is quite nice. I haven't used the flip out features.
I turned off all touch functions. I'm a left-eye guy, so my nose is always up against that LCD. The other buttons are plenty enough for me. I assigned the AEL/AFL button to bring up the live color histogram, and I am using the unmarked function button to bring up the 3-D electronic level.
With touch functions turned off, I find it easy to shoot manual lenses. I move the focus point with the joystick, then press it in to fix the focus point where I want it, then press again to bring up the focus magnifier. Very seamless!
I've never moved the shutter speed dial off the "A" (automatic) setting, for the kit lens and for manual lenses.
Setting the focus mode to manual or autofocus is a little bit of a menu dive for me, but I don't often need to change it. Also, setting the focal length of the manual lens I am using is a menu dive, and I'm not willing to commit a function button to this (actually, this is not something I can choose for any function button on any Fuji I have ever owned. It would be nice to have it as a choice though.)
Mostly I shoot stills and no video.
I like to shoot in ISO bracketing. The write time for my SD card is a few seconds per image, but 6 files are written per image! Data rate on my particular SD card is 60mb/s max.
I've done some brick-wall shots to try to find out how well the sensor is aligned to the focal plane. I used two lenses for these tests, the kit lens and my Fuji XF 50mm F2 R WR lens. Generally the camera seems a tiny bit weak on the left, but this seems to be an issue with all my Fujis so it might just be me. The problem is minimal if it exists at all. I've had lenses that seem to show problems, but the problems disappeared when I used the lens correctly. So, I'm not sure I have an issue with sensor alignment quite yet. The jury is still out.
The XF 27mm F2.8 R WR kit lens is tiny and very good optically. It "jumps" a little bit when I power-up and power-down, and when I review images after shooting with it. Just a small quirk. I have put a Fuji PRF-39 clear protector filter on the front, which works fine. The lens came with a pinch cap but no hood, so I am considering what to do about a lens hood, if any. I'll probably just do without a hood.
In manual focus mode, it focuses a little bit "jumpy" in my opinion. Not a serious issue though. My XF 50mm F2 R WR lens is better.
I've been using the electronic shutter exclusively, so far. The mechanical shutter works fine, but I like the short click sound of the electronic shutter. Also, this does not cycle the mechanical shutter at all, so there is no wear and there won't be any tiny oil splatters on the sensor either. These oil splatters have not been a problem on previous Fuji cameras, but they have been a problem with other manufacturer's cameras. I have not seen any insurmountable problems with the electronic shutter, except for a little blurring of fast motion. But I don't do much of that sort of photography either. I like being able to choose the mechanical shutter if necessary.

Also, since this camera is not weather resistant, I bought a 3-year drops and spills warranty (third party) for $109. It's less to worry about, but what they say about insurance is that if you buy it you will never need it.

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