New ICC profiles for monitor and printer but prints look crappy

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New ICC profiles for monitor and printer but prints look crappy

I need help with printing from photoshop and I'm hoping that someone can figure out what's going on. The only way I can get a decent print out of photoshop that comes somewhat close to my monitor is if I leave the image as Untagged RGB. As soon as I assign any Color Profile like Adobe 1998 or sRGB the prints come out like crap, either extremely dark or extremely orange. I have one layer in my photoshop image that adds a orange tint in certain areas to the image and I have to turn off this layer to prevent images being very orange in those areas.

I used my new i1Studio spectrometer to calibrate my monitor and my printer and saved the color profiles for each. The color tiles that are used for scanning were printed from the software not from PS.

Assigned my Epson ET-3760 to the new color profile that was generated for the printer and assigned the new color profile that was generated for my Samsung 4K monitor.

I rechecked the print calibration and the before/after images of the color tiles seem to be right on so I'm sure that the color profiles are correct.

For my Printing Presets in my printer I HAVE to use the below settings or the prints come out really dark or with an orange tint:

Print Quality: Standard or High Quality (I HAVE to use Standard b/c High Quality prints REALLY dark)
Color Management: Printer Manages Color (the new print profile that was created is assigned)
Color Correction: Custom=>ICM or No Color Adjustment. (Fix photo produces orange prints)

I made 73 photo prints of this one image and they all look the same (either very orange or very dark) no matter what combination of print or image settings I use until I set the image as Untagged RBG. It's almost like it it defaulting to one of two color profiles when printing b/c the print settings don't make any/little difference.

Even with the above settings the prints don't match my monitor but I can live with it if I have too. It would just be nice to have it all match for a change.

In a nutshell why do my prints come out like crap unless the images in PS are set to Untagged RGB?


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