When you don't need any new tech where do you turn?

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Re: When you don't need any new tech where do you turn?

Me? I turn to a book and enjoy reading? It would take someone wedded to Apple to agonize over not having something techie to buy.

Back in the days of PC-DOS, I was doing something on the PC and someone in the office said, "That's cool. How do you do that?" I explained I'd written a short batch problem to do it. I wrote down what I'd done. Two days later she came back and said, "I finally got with Apple and I can't do that."

I thought a moment and said, "Apple takes care of you but limits what you can do." I haven't changed my mind.

I enjoy my Xperia 5 II and my Lenovo Duet chromebook and my Ticwatch Pro 3 and never seem to run out of gizmos I might want. I'm a compulsive reader so I'm waiting for the new Kindle Paperwhite.

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