Fringer EF-FX vs Metabones Speedbooster EF-FX (with Sigma 150-600)

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Fringer EF-FX vs Metabones Speedbooster EF-FX (with Sigma 150-600)

I'm curious if anyone has experience comparing the Fringer smart adapter, and the Metabones SpeedBooster smart adapter, for Canon EF lenses on a Fuji body with image stabilization like the X-S10, which is what I own.

I know the Metabones has focal-reducing glass for a wider, brighter field of view, and I use and appreciate the SpeedBoosters (and several other brands'). Do its "smart" features work well? More or less well than the Fringer?

The "smart" features I am thinking of are:

  • Autofocus
  • EXIF transfer
  • Aperture control
  • Stabilization
  • (Anything else I'm missing?)

To be very specific, I'm testing out a Sigma Contemporary 150-600mm zoom for birding. Seems like most people use it with the Canon EF version of the Fringer, so I got that. In a quick test on a half-overcast day, I'm seeing it struggle with autofocus; looks like it's nearly too dark for it to acquire focus well. There was quite a bit of hunting, and inspecting shots afterwards, the majority of them were focused just in front or behind the subject. Indoors, I tried pointing it at my dog's face, and it failed to acquire focus at all, although I didn't think it was all that dark. I'd say "dim" not "dark." But it wouldn't focus.

I'll test more when it's bright, but I'm thinking this lens needs a lot of light to focus well. The SpeedBooster would help with that, in my experience, but only if all other things are equal to the Fringer.

ARE all other things (especially autofocus & stabilization) equal to the Fringer? Thanks!

PS: Cute adolescent bunny shot, as your reward for reading this far.

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