Cooler or warmer?

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Re: Cooler or warmer?

Joachim B wrote:

If given the choice between the two, I would prefer warmer. That's because there is a lot of blue in the image already, and emphasizing that leads to a very saturated, but flatter image. The warmer white balance gives a bit more contrast.

Yet, there are so many nice colour transitions in the image, greens and purples... If I would have the raw file, I would try to get as much emphasis on the different colours in the picture as I could. So instead of only playing with the yellow/blue balance, I would shift a bit to the green side, equalize the histogram a bit, pump up the vibrance and lower the saturation.

Also I would color-tone the image so that the shadows get a bit warmer, and the lights get a bit cooler tones.

When I do this to your JPG output, this is te result. I still don't really like the dark patches in the middle, but that's all the JPG has in it. For fixing those I would need the extra headroom the raw file probably has.

Wow, that's awesome, even for just a jpg, you've really pulled out better definition of the water reflections. 'And the sky looks much much better. Overall, you've made the tone of the image more sophisticated. You have skills, sir.

Shift a bit to green', would that be with the tint slider and roughly by how much? I get worried when messing too much with tints because I have a bit of a colour blind problem distinguishing shades of greens and yellows. I once got told I'd made a bird a bit green and I didn't even notice.

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