Cooler or warmer?

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Re: Cooler or warmer?

Well, 'warm' and 'cool' are definitions we as people use to describe how we 'feel' about a colour. The Kelvin notation is a scientific way to describe the light frequency a radiator with a certain temperature would give off, but it doesn't say anything about context, or about relative warmth of colours.

Normally the goal of pulling those WB-sliders is to get a good representation of neutral grey, in the scientific way mostly. And which way you pull them is dependent on the cast light.

In this picture, there are multiple light sources, some direct and more on the high end of the spectrum, and some ambient and on the lower end. So you cannot give one 'correct' temperature for all of the image.

So, there's nothing wrong in getting creative here, and choosing settings that bring out the best of the picture without trying to be 'correct'.

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