Digitizing original drawings, help needed.

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Re: Digitizing original drawings, help needed.

VintageGibson wrote:

Yes, I need to investigate the scanner menus, so far I've only been altering things like resolution.

I won't be setting up ladders on the stairs, but I do need to find a position for even daylight illumination, just to keep my options open.



Try using Vuescan for scanning; works with every scanner. And gives you far more control.

And perhaps if you used a Expodisc for WB in the house you would avoid some color shifts vs a gray card or whatever else you're using. Wouldn't help with uneven light though.

But considering you can get speedlights or constant LED light for about $50, and since you've got a still subject and can use a very low shutter speed, I would think that, and the artwork on the wall, would be the easiest cheapest solution. Outside, a DIY reflector maybe. Or wait for a cloudy day

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