The M42 adapter used on Nikon F can make a huge difference

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Re: The M42 adapter used on Nikon F can make a huge difference

Ching-Kuang Shene wrote:

Albert Silver wrote:

Ching-Kuang Shene wrote:

Frankly speaking, any adapter that is built to the standard does not affect image quality. If you found an adapter that can affect image quality, it is usually (1) it is not built to the standard (e.g., thickness maybe different from side to side, etc.) , (2) it is too thin or too thick, or (3) you did not focus properly. Let me reiterate: an adapter is just a tube without optical elements and won't affect image quality if its is built to the standard.


Who said anything about affecting image quality? I merely pointed out the maximum focusing distances.

Reading your post from the very beginning to its very end, I did not see you were referring to MAXIMUM FOCUS DISTANCES. I only saw you talked about lens A is the sharpest, etc. BTW, isn't the MAXIMUM FOCUS DISTANCE infinity for any lens? If the MAXIMUM FOCUS DISTANCES are not infinity, isn't that your adapter has an infinity focusing issue?


Without glass, no M42->F adapter will come close to infinity for most lenses.

That said, bragging about 1.9m vs. 1.7m sounds like a guy who really needs to get a mirrorless and go "to infinity" (if not beyond ).

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