The upside to A-mount popularity going down

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I've certainly heard of people having that issue. However, some Sony E bodies didn't provide micro adjustment, so I think Sony might have been a bit more careful about alignment back when they were current. Either that or I just got lucky with the three I have?

E? Or A? I think you meant A.

That's true for A bodies too, but I do mean E using A-mount lenses via an LA-EA2.

I am pretty sure every E-mount body supports micro adjustments with the LA-EA2 and LA-EA4.

That might be true now because of firmware updates, but it wasn't at introduction of some models.

The A1 doesn't because it dropped all AF support for those adapters.

The A1 is a very interesting camera in lots of ways. I suspect the logic behind it is that it is supposed to be the flat-out professional performance machine... so there easily could be some logic along the lines that encouraging use of A-mount lenses could bring unfavorable performance comparisons with competitors....

So far, Sony hasn't really had the sensor tech in the A9 and A1 series move down the line, but I think they will. I'm really looking forward to a strip-down A1 with electronic-only shutter and smaller buffer memory in an A7C package. We'll see if that happens. If it happens soon enough, it would probably give full LA-EA5 support... but the real question is what cameras is Sony working on that were in early enough design stages to get support for the LA-EA5 but are still scheduled for release soon enough that supporting A-mount lenses will be a priority.

The sad truth is that Sony is probably judging A-mount interest by sales of A bodies, and that metric doesn't justify investing much. In fact, if people aren't buying lots of LA-EA5 adapters, Sony probably will not make a profit on it and hence will not worry about having fuller support for it going forward. Right now, I'd bet Sony is losing money on the LA-EA5, but doing it as a matter of maintaining the Minolta heritage and brand loyalty.

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