The M42 adapter used on Nikon F can make a huge difference

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Re: The M42 adapter used on Nikon F can make a huge difference

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petrochemist wrote:

Results from these should be miles better than those with most adapters containing 'corrective optics'. The advantage gained from this adapters will be greater when used with shorter focal lengths.

I'm surprised no-ones made an adapter that fits entirely within the bayonet. this is done regularly for PK adapters - isn't it possible on Nikon F? The screw thread certainly seems to fit inside the bayonet.

That's an interesting idea, but an internal adapter still wouldn't achieve infinity focus with most lenses. The flange focal distance for M42 is around 1mm less than Nikon F. Still, it would focus further away than the current external ones, and infinity might just be possible with some longer lenses that focus past infinity.

Locking could be a challenge, as it is for many of the M42-PK adapters.

You can check what the maximum focus distance would be with such an internal adapter by holding the M42 lens directly against the camera's bayonet mount.

There are some potential collision points inside the camera's mount such as the electrical contacts and/or auto diaphragm lever, so caution is advised...

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