X1 DII. After two lemons should I trust Hasselblad. Please Advise

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X1 DII. After two lemons should I trust Hasselblad. Please Advise

This is my most unexpectedly painful and time-consuming experience with Hasselblad. Before deciding if I can trust them after two lemons, I would like to know your experience and opinion. Thank you.

April 1
Email to Hasselblad dealer
“I was hoping to contact you to order a telephoto for the Hasselblad X1 DII that I purchased at the beginning of this month, but unfortunately I need to inform you that there is an issue with the camera or with the XCD 45mm f/4 P lens that came with the camera.
From the beginning, the camera was often unable to detect the lens and was returning error messages such as “Lens issue. Please reconnect the lenses” and “85 Fail to finish exposure. Please restart.” See attachments. Until today, I solved the problem by detaching and reconnecting the 45mm lens and by removing the battery. But today, I either received said messages or the pictures are completely overexposed. The attached example was taken in mode P with Auto Iso and focus.
Lens and camera firmware are up-to-date.
Could you please contact the Hasselblad representative to ask what I should do. I read that the warranty offers a 30-day return and exchange policy. Hopefully, there is a simple, quick and definitive solution.
Thank you.”

Aprille 20
The repair quote they sent to the dealer implies the Front Board Module will be completely replaced.
Ordered a new camera and a 80mm.
Let’s hope.

April 30.
I received a new camera and lenses.
I went out with the 80mm this morning. No problem for the first 15 minutes, then a series of error messages:
• No Lens detected.
• Lens Issue Please reconnect the lens.
• Lens Initiating.
• 85 Filed to expose please restart
• … remove the battery …
I reconnected the lens and removed the battery, but the problems persisted.
I called you to see if you have any suggestions on how to proceed, but both you and Lenny were out.
I love the camera and the lenses. But, I have started losing confidence in Hasselblad.
I’ll test the 45mm lens this afternoon.

May 1.
Unfortunately, I won’t be able to test the camera with the 45mm lens this afternoon. When I mounted the 45mm lens I received the message: “no lens detected”. Restarting the camera and removing the battery did not change the situation.
I discovered a couple of overexposed photos among the photos taken this morning.

If Hasselblad cannot offer a quick and definitive solution to the problem (this is probably not a random issue).


No news from Hasselblad. The camera does not turn on the camera. The battery was fully charged

I would like a new, functioning, and reliable camera, is this an option?

Leica X1
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