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Bob Janes wrote:

Phil A Martin wrote:

Bob Janes wrote:

Kalimetric wrote:

Do you want checkers or ride? If you want a cool fashion accessory, definitely buy the Spotmatic – the most beautifully designed camera ever. If you want to actually take pictures, get something more modern.

Haha - I am genuinely finding this difficult, though. It's sooo beautiful. I think it might even encourage me to go out and take pictures. Getting out there is the most important thing - can't take many pictures sitting in the house (although I'm working on that too!)
Some of my photos here.

The Spotmatic F will take great photographs.

Photographers take great photographs, the camera is merely the tool they use to do so. Although the use of a vintage camera might make the experience more romantic.

Good point - absolutely. My meaning was just that the Spotmatic F is a very capable camera and that it is unlikely to limit anyone's photography. Having said that, a lot of my photography benefits from being in the right kind of mood, and somehow the Spotmatic F puts me in a good mood...

Yes, I can appreciate that. With digital, I find it hard to replicate the feelings I get with my RB67.

I'd love a vintage m42 Pentax camera but I'm not sure why?

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