The M42 adapter used on Nikon F can make a huge difference

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Re: The M42 adapter used on Nikon F can make a huge difference

petrochemist wrote:

It will make a significant difference yes, but I wouldn't call it a huge difference.

Results from these should be miles better than those with most adapters containing 'corrective optics'. The advantage gained from this adapters will be greater when used with shorter focal lengths.

I'm surprised no-ones made an adapter that fits entirely within the bayonet. this is done regularly for PK adapters - isn't it possible on Nikon F? The screw thread certainly seems to fit inside the bayonet.

For infinity it would still require the M42 lens flange to fall 1mm deeper than where the Nikon camera flange sits. If Markerink's register distances and mount diameter for Nikon F are correct.  BTW, mount diameter 44mm could have been measured on the bayonet wings instead of the really open diameter and then there is no 1mm wall thickness available for the adapter. For the Canon EF mount the lists's diameter number is not correct in my experience, 51 instead of the quoted 54mm if the real mount hole is measured. The Nikon camera mount contacts might be in the way too, quite different on a Nikon than on other mounts.

On a Tokina PK lens mount I measure about 44,5mm for it minimum diameter so the actual camera mount hole will be between 45 and 46mm which allows more than 1,5mm wall thickness for the M42 sunken adapter.

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