Digitizing original drawings, help needed.

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Re: Digitizing original drawings, help needed.

VintageGibson wrote:

Thanks to all who replied.

Yardcoyote; Stitching software is the easy part, I need to lose the colour shifts and exposure variations introduced by the scanner, sybersitizen may have provided a clue for this. I was aware of Mustek and others and would need some user experience re the above issues.

Tom Neely & Tactic Designs; Camera mounted on tripod, artwork on ground or mounted vertically on wall, outside in bright daylight, but not direct sunlight, always some light fall-off on one long edge. Will try different positions to see if this improves lighting. Don't want to buy lighting equipment for a few sessions annually.

sybersitizen; Presumably the locking is a function of the scanning software. I'm using VueScan but have not ventured past the basics, will check this out.

again, thanks to all for the help,


I used to copy ( actually digitize) large (3'x4') flat artwork for my artist wife for publications, catalogs, and PowerPoint presentations. I devised a makeshift vertical copy stand using a stairway landing for height. I used velcro straps to secure a regular tripod horizontally. Mount a camera and use a small round bubble level to make sure the camera is pointing straight down.

The floor below is the baseboard. Make sure it is level. If not use some plywood and level. Note the center of the artwork and place it in the center of the camera frame with the artwork edges parallel with the camera frame edges.

I was fortunate that my foyer faces North with large windows so on bright overcast days the light is bright and even. Once set up I could do about one every 30 seconds with most of the time spent making sure the artwork is aligned properly.

The vertical setup sure is easier than shooting horizontal where would have trouble mounting the artwork, positioning and aligning camera with the artwork.

If you don't have a convenient stairway landing as I do you can use a tall step ladder for the height. For smaller artwork jobs I have used a tall stool for the height. For A3 size art I think a 6 foot step ladder be enough height.

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