field macro light improvement options

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Re: field macro light improvement options

I received one of the FotoPro brackets the other day. I bought it from an AliExpress shop  for $30-40 less than the above-mentioned source. I've never had one of these without  the arms, but I think this is an improvement. I really like the ball joint arm setup a lot. I had to tighten it up first thing, adjusting each joint individually, to get them "just so". These are light-years beyond the Gorilla Pod style bendy arms

I intend to use it with a FlashPoint [Adorama's brand for Godox] R2 system, which I also recently got, so I'm still determining how to get the whole thing together. I'll have to get a couple more Arca clamps, too. The one on there now is "borrowed" from my Pano rig.

I also got a couple of the same mini softboxes as everyone else, but yet another brand. Or maybe two brands — The front of the label said 'Glow' [which might be an Adorama brand], but the instructions on the back said, "How to use your 'Vello' softbox.'

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