your FZ "sweet spot": from FZ28 to FZ1000

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Re: your FZ "sweet spot": from FZ28 to FZ1000

As an owner of 5 FZ200's (not all at once; but over 9 years), I have found three major variations.  The first was in the first 7 or 8 months after the introduction in the summer of 2012, and they are Made in Japan.  The second were the Made in Japan models after early 2013.  And the third variation is the Made in China models.

For the early models, the best settings are to set sharpening to -2, and Noise Reduction to -2, and then set iResolution to +1.  Set color to +2 Amber.  You can also try color at +1 Amber, and +1 Magenta to see which you prefer.  The FZ series have pretty good color; but tend to be a little cool.

For the later Made in Japan models, set Sharpening to +1, NR to -2.  Set color to +2 Amber or +1 Amber, +1 Magenta depending on your taste.

For Made in Japan models, I usually use Exposure Compensation at -0.3.  But that will vary depending on the lighting and the subject.

Made in China models seem to have slightly darker exposures, so I set Sharpening to +1, NR -2, and left Exposure Compensation at 0.  Color settings are like the Japan models.

These settings were all with the cameras set to P, A, or S.  I never tried the automatic settings, and didn't use the M (manual) setting.

And yes, after all these years, I still have a later Made in Japan model.

I don't know how to tell an early from a later Japan model.  But a few shots will tell you.  I'd start with the later Made in Japan settings, set Auto ISO, and take some pictures in relatively low light, so the camera sets itself to ISO 800 or 1600.  Then try the same shots with Sharpening -2, NR -2, and iResolution.  That should tell you very quickly the era the camera is from.

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