Digitizing original drawings, help needed.

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Re: Digitizing original drawings, help needed.

I photographed some 15x21 a few years ago with a D7200, and some 11x17 with a D810.  I put the drawings on the floor and had the camera on a tripod.  This was fairly easy to arrange.  I put a few pieces of tape on the floor to mark where to put the drawings.  These come out well but using the camera's meter the results will come out a little bit dark.  For quick and dirty work I just adjust levels in post processing.  For a lot of pages I would start by adjusting exposure compensation until the whites came out the way I wanted.

I did some 36x48 sepias one time with the D810 but this was much more difficult.  The prints would not fit between the tripod legs so I had to set one leg of the tripod on a stepstool to tilt the tripod and put the camera directly over the prints.  I also had to put weight on the stepstool and use duct tape to hold the tripod leg down.  Then it was difficult to see the camera rear screen.  Once everything was set up the photos went pretty quick- lay down a page, center it within the tape marks, take an exposure, ...

Putting the drawings on the wall and shooting horizontally would simplify a lot of aspects of the setup, but you would have to figure out a convenient way to hold the drawings up.

Regarding exposure- I always looked for a place on the floor where the lighting was fairly uniform.  I used my garage floor a couple of times, and one time used our training room at work.

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