1 inch sensors- Who invented them?

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1 inch sensors- Who invented them?

I just read a post here saying Nikon pioneered the "1 inch" sensor camera concept. I checked and he might be right, the Nikon 1 cameras were released in 2011, so a year before the sony rx100.

I was very late to the 1 inch fiesta, since i bought my nikon 1 J1 and original rx100 years after everyone else, in 2018.

In retrospect the Nikon was a fine camera, however it was double the size of the rx100 and Nikon blew it with the kit lens, it started at f3.5 just like on a dslr kit lens, whereas the sony was a f1.8 at the wide end and produced sharper images.

For people starting a system, it made more sense getting a M43 camera. For people who wanted a pocket camera, the rx100 was just better.

The Nikon 1 was a niche that died, but i see plenty of activity on their subforum here. Good!

But my question is, who actually came up with this sensor size? Nikon? Sony? Did the Nikon 1 use a sony sensor?

That's a history i want to hear. It was a good idea and i want to give credit where credit is due.

The "1 inch sensor" lives on, and the cameras using it might be the last barrier against smartphone photography. Great cameras are using this senzor size, although they're not that many out there:

The sony rx10 iv and panasonic fz1000/2500(?).

The sony rx100 vi and panasonic tz100.

The sony rx100 vii and tz200.

Canon G9X II, G5X II and a few other iterations.

When these cameras go away, the compact sector will be gone. The compact camera will become the next cassette walkman.

The large zoom cameras will survive i'm sure, even if some cell phone companies want me to believe they invented the 100X zoom capable phone.

But i digress. The 1 inch sensor. Who imagined it, who built it, and why? And who thought they should name it 1 inch when it's really not?

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