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1) Is Nikon in trouble? No, not really. Nikon retains a massive market share of close to 20% and currently is poised to release a flurry of lenses and bodies. They are making considerable adjustments, which are sensible, to maintain a strong position. Given how small they are relative to Canon and Sony, their strong position is testimony to how solid their lineup of products continues to be. Oh, and Nikon stock is a buy. Fuji, meanwhile, seems pretty happy with their share of under 4%. There's a lot of meat left on the table, folks.

2) Did Nikon drop the ball recently? No. Nikon said they'd release 12 new lenses this year and it's May 6th. So unless this is a VERY short year, or you have math impairments, Nikon has yet to drop anything.

3) When will Nikon build a mirrorless camera to equal the D850? Never. The current Z7II bests the D850 in almost every way. The D850 continues to hold a small edge in subject tracking, while the Z7II wins in virtually every other metric we consider important. As the d850 is now an "old" camera, we should not be shocked that the Z7II is a stronger and faster evolving camera.

4) Did glass stop being important? You'd think so with so much emphasis on "idiot modes" in the latest bodies. One thing is certain: The differences between top level glass and consumer glass continues to shrink. But the fact remains that the Z system offers truly exotic level performance that most of the competition and the latest F glass cannot match. Whether or not this is worth it for the end user is a personal decision.

5) Is the DSLR dead? Of course it is. But they'll be around for a while yet and people will make beautiful art with them long after the last one is sold.

Have a great day!


One thing i think people forget is that while market share is good, being profitable is more important. You can be successful with just, say, 10% market share. Or you can be in trouble with 50% market share if your profits aren't high enough or you're breaking even versus the company that is making a 10% profits with just a measly 5-10% of the market. So people forget that. They equate market share = profitability which isn't always the case.

And sometimes the smaller companies can be more profitable than the larger ones because they have less overhead to take care of too.

Fuji is a good example of a big name, but with smaller market share, and I think they're OK with that. Of course they are competing in markets that Sony, Canon and Nikon aren't in (ie. medium format) and making that market more affordable to the masses.

All good points. But Nikon's position is fairly strong as they work to consolidate and centralize. Their products are strong and gaining momentum.


Yes, but they do need to at least give some insight into some of the anticipated lenses. If they don't, people are going to assume that they aren't following through with what they say... such as the 12 lenses that are supposed to be released in 2021-2022. Of course they still have time, but we are about 1/3 of the way through 2021 already. Even a teaser with sparse details would at least keep people interested.

My guess is that we should have more Z9 information as well as some lens update in May.

It’s been 2 months since the technological announcement, and it’s about time they provide more meat.

Now the covid situation has worsened in Osaka (and to a lesser extent Tokyo) this past month so that may impact their progress.

I'm not holding my breath to be honest. And from rumors I've heard (just rumors) the Z9 may be delayed, so it's possible the rest may be delayed too, and as yoj mentioned, COVID could also play a factor in that too. Either way, I'm not expecting anything (of course, not like I was going to buy a Z9 anyway as I'm sure it's going to be $6000+, out of my price range). But I suspect with the uptick of COVID in areas around the world, we'd be lucky if we got anything substantial by the end of Summer on either the Z9 or new lenses.

Nikon being Nikon I am confident that the Z9 is 99% done and most probably already in production.

But we shall see.

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