The upside to A-mount popularity going down

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Re: The upside to A-mount popularity going down

QuietOC wrote:

I did some testing with the A77II and the 100 Macro D and found no x- and y-stabilization at all. Sony claims the A99II has 5-axis stabilization only with D lenses.

The built-in encoder is used for the range limiter and maybe nothing else.

Hard to know what Sony's actually doing vs. what they could do.

The in-body IBIS movements are generally x, y, roll and OIS is pitch, yaw. The neat little trick is that, for small angles, x, y can approximate yaw, pitch, so that's what's generally done for 3 axis. 5-axis compensation without lens OIS is really just fancier math to control the 3 real IBIS axis. Actual x, y shake really only becomes significant at very close focus, so unless you were around 1:2 or higher magnification, it would be hard to see the difference. Of course, roll is only visible off-axis and z only changes magnification, so z shake almost never is a problem.

BTW, CIPA only tests correction of pitch and yaw, and only for a fixed waveform, so it doesn't account for camera-generated shake nor how a human would hold that model -- in sum, it's not a very useful metric. The truth is you can pretty easily get around 3EV advantage, but much more than that is probably gaming the test procedure.

Yeah, I've published a paper on this stuff -- Characterization of camera shake, back at Electronic Imaging 2019. Slides and the full paper .

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