Understanding camera zoom and recommendation for backpacking/hiking camera

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Get the panasonic

A tz200, if possible. A tz100 is fine too, with 2x izoom. Even better, a Sony HX90. Cheap, massive zoom, very decent image quality. Nothing wrong with it.

I have the VII, it doesn't do wildlife and some other stuff the Panasonic does, like macro. Worse IS too.

I am guessing you don't need pro quality pictures anyway, but you can always achieve that by shooting raw on the tz200.

For hiking and wildlife purposes I say, hold your money. Even the tz100 has more reach at like, 1/3 of the price.

The sony cams are already overhyped at this point, while Panasonic has a undeserved bad rep.

I had both, my lightly used tz100 was an absolute bargain, should have kept it for the macro work the Sony cannot do.

Btw, 200mm equivalent is enough to fill the frame with a cat from 4 meters away. No chance of shooting rabbits, foxes or birds, unless you hide in a bush and wait for them.

For zoom purposes, a Sony HX90 beats both the Panasonic and the other Sony, but the final quality is not as fine. Look for samples and judge for yourself.

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