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Re: Group Shot Question with R5

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Shaun Gibbs wrote:

For group shots e.g. family portrait shots at weddings, I use the following :-

Eye AF (people priority) with Tracking and Servo to focus on the main subject e.g. bride.

Using (people priority) was the entire group in focus at 5.6? That was my problem. Shot a group at 5.6 with people priority and focus was not equally distributed. Perhaps f/8 next time for a group of about 10 in this case.

Just depends on the size of the group and how they are arranged. If they are all standing in a single row, you can probably use f2.8. If they are arranged in 4 rows, you might need f11.

Yes, absolutely correct. It depends on how they are arranged and the size of the group. Controlling DOF is key.

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