Best 4k60 camera for the price?

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Re: Best 4k60 camera for the price?

jozzef wrote:

JustUs7 wrote:

I don’t understand how this isn’t a straight google search or online camera shop query filtering for capability and price and then coming here and saying, “Help me decide between these three cameras” or whatever.

Do a little homework. Then we can all jump in and plug our favorite brand.

BTW - a quick search reveals one ILC camera that fits your two criteria of price and 4K 60. It barely squeaks under the price, but that’s body only and on sale. You’ll need a lens. Camcorders might be a better bet? Or a high end point and shoot?

Dude, I did search on google, but did not find a comparison between "budget" cameras other than mixed 4k30 and 4k60, one is better. The choice cannot be so wide, that someone could give a normal answer. If you would make videos you would know how important 4k60 is.

I’m not saying anything about 4k60 or the need of whatever. I get that you need it. I get that your budget is $1,200. I’m just saying a brief search shows only one camera that fit both criteria. Others also came up with the G9. A camera that I know nothing about other than it meets your price and 4k60 requirement.  Every other option was $1,500 or more.  Nothing really to compare to.  It appears with that price and spec need, there is one option.

I did end up looking out of curiosity. Nothing in the consumer camcorder world or point and shoot realm hits that spec either.  Not for a $1,200 budget.  If that budget has to cover a lens too, then there doesn’t appear to be an option.

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