A7 II no camera sensor output on LCD?

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Re: A7 II no camera sensor output on LCD?

I am dumb that's the simple answer.

I did so much disassembly because I didn't read enough, saw some video how to take it apart, got that idea stuck in my head. But yeah I bought a full LCD body replacement thing.

Anyway it's possible a new LCD will work, despite the new one I bought that shorted out/smoked. The old LCD didn't have a dim problem, that's why I think I messed something up on the board and it's not outputting full brightnes anymore.

But I'm past it at this point, don't care that the LCD is dim, already got an A7RIII to work with going forward.

update: 05/11/2021

I did buy more replacement LCDs. I will see if the bad backlight issue is on the display or the actual board (camera) itself. The new replacement display I bought shorted at one point and actually released magic smoke/black scorched mark on ribbon connector area on LCD side.

I do wish I started with an A7RIII to begin with... my god this camera is amazing.

It is a bit pricey where it is not very replaceable but I think it will be my go to camera for a while.

edit: future update

So I think when the ribbon cable was pulled so it was not centered and shorted (smoke/dark spot on LCD ribbon connector board) it actually messed something up on the camera board. So yeah even a replacement LCD is not bright.

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