Own D750; interested in Z50 kit

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Re: Own D750; interested in Z50 kit

I have been using D5300 and then upgraded to D7200 a couple of years ago. As much as I enjoy that camera, the one thing that bugged me was the size and weight of it plus one or sometimes two additional lenses when travelling...a real pain on aircraft when you also have to "carry on" spare clothing, toilet kit, etc. in case your luggage goes to a different airport! I got the Z50 plus two lenses plus the FTZ adapter. Depending on the travel I may (or may not) need to also pack or substitute a DX wide angle with the FTZ. The other "discovery" I've made is that when doing car day trips (covid-inspired), I now take both Z50 with it's two Z lenses for hiking or walkabout, plus the D7200 with the telezooms and have both cameras already rigged rather than having to be always swapping lenses around. Having similar sensors, image quality really isn't any different and it's only the file name (or EXIF info) that tells me which camera was used for any photo. As others have pointed out, a spare OEM battery is $$ but really no more so than any other Nikon OEM battery...the issue is the lack of aftermarket batteries (so far). Yes, video does chew up a battery pretty quick but even though the Z50 takes really nice video I primarily shoot stills. if I was heavily into video then I'd get a dedicated video camera but it's nice to have the option with the Z50.

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