A7 II no camera sensor output on LCD?

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Desh Wasi Regular Member • Posts: 133
Re: A7 II no camera sensor output on LCD?

thanks again. exactly the pic i needed. so yeah, its just like on mine. i wonder how the latch works if its so flush with the lcd top? on mine, the latch makes a click sound when it makes contact with the plastic but doesnt engage and comes right back out. puzzling.. the lcd frame/hinges look just fine (not bent out of shape or anything) and the lcd goes in parallel to the back, just doesnt stick there which i thought is due to latch not engaging properly but from pics looks just like yours. worst case i could also try entire screen part replacement like you, but dont want to for something stupid like this. if i could figure out the defective part, i could order part (thanks to SQLguy for providing the link to that encompass parts site).

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