The upside to A-mount popularity going down

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Re: The upside to A-mount popularity going down

ProfHankD wrote:

sybersitizen wrote:

It sounds like you don't own screw-drive A-mount lenses. To get any AF at all with that adapter and a screw-drive lens, you need to own a recent E-mount body.

No, nearly all my A-mount lenses are screw drive. I just have rather low expectations of autofocus compared to many folks. The LA-EA4 is actually fine for me; not a lot of focus points, but quite fast and reliable with most of my lenses (ok, too loud for video with some screw driven lenses, but that's not the LA-EA4's fault).

For me, focus peaking with manual lenses is a dream come true and much preferred over autofocus for most of my photography.

We have that with A-mount bodies. It works well enough for my purposes, so I have no motivation to move to a different kind of body for that.

I use autofocus mostly when I can only have one hand on the camera, etc. -- it's a convenience at the expense of the level of control I have with manual focus (e.g., including precise DoF control).

I use AF almost all the time.

I suppose the point here is that we're all different, so what someone regards as a great solution is not such a great solution for everyone else. That applies very much to E-mount bodies plus A-mount adapters.

In summary, I look forward to seeing you in the adapted lens forum....

I know you'll have company over there, but I don't think you'll be seeing me.

Where will you go?

Do I have to go somewhere?

There are no SLT options,

There certainly are, second-hand, if I want them. However, there is not and has never been a pressing reason for me to put my numerous A-mount lenses on anything other than my A77. If such a reason occurs, I'll have quite a few adapter-less options.

and A mount lenses are fully manual on anything else. BTW, the DIT mod kit removing the SLT mirror from an LA-EA4 apparently works with most bodies and lenses, I think including all bodies currently being sold.

At least the folks who make that product are actively improving it.

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