The upside to A-mount popularity going down

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Re: The upside to A-mount popularity going down

sybersitizen wrote:

It sounds like you don't own screw-drive A-mount lenses. To get any AF at all with that adapter and a screw-drive lens, you need to own a recent E-mount body.

No, nearly all my A-mount lenses are screw drive. I just have rather low expectations of autofocus compared to many folks. The LA-EA4 is actually fine for me; not a lot of focus points, but quite fast and reliable with most of my lenses (ok, too loud for video with some screw driven lenses, but that's not the LA-EA4's fault).

For me, focus peaking with manual lenses is a dream come true and much preferred over autofocus for most of my photography. I use autofocus mostly when I can only have one hand on the camera, etc. -- it's a convenience at the expense of the level of control I have with manual focus (e.g., including precise DoF control).

Incidentally, I do like the TechArt Pro LM-EA7 "autofocus" adapter for manual lenses. The catch is, I don't really have it autofocus -- I focus manually and let it fine-tune. Arguably, that's an even more intuitive model than either manual peaking or full autofocus. The problem with full autofocus is that is often harder to tell it what to focus on than it is to focus on it manually, and the LM-EA7 "fixes" that by effectively using my approximate focus to determine the desired focus point. BTW, I have used A-mount lenses on the LM-EA7, but then there's no body control over aperture -- usually just an uncalibrated aperture ring in the A lens to M body adapter.


In summary, I look forward to seeing you in the adapted lens forum....

I know you'll have company over there, but I don't think you'll be seeing me.

Where will you go?

There are no SLT options, and A mount lenses are fully manual on anything else. BTW, the DIT mod kit removing the SLT mirror from an LA-EA4 apparently works with most bodies and lenses, I think including all bodies currently being sold.

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